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 “Who makes up the Reserves in Allen County?”

The volunteers who make up the Reserves are

men and women who donate their spare time to complimenting the mission of the Sheriff’s Department.  They each contribute a minimum of 225 hours per year (just under 4.5 hours each week) in order to maintain their good standing within the organization and fall into one of two categories.

The first category are Group II Officers

Initially, everyone who enters the reserve program comes in at this level.  Group II Officers have no arrest powers, do not carry a gun and prior to attending the annual Academy (if they choose to do so) work at the Allen County Jail assisting the Officers there, one evening a week for approximately three hours.

Group II Officers also attend the Monthly Training Session (on the third Monday of each month) where they learn about a variety of law enforcement concerns ranging from Domestic Violence, Drug Detection and Enforcement through Legal Updates from the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

The Group IIs are a stand alone body and offer volunteers a position of responsibility in instances where the individual feels the full Academy is too much of a commitment for them.  We have a number of individuals who are fully dedicated Group II Officers.

The second category are Group I Officers

These individuals have moved from their initial Group II status through Academy attendance and graduation into becoming fully commissioned Officers.  They perform their functions as ‘sworn’ and armed Officers with full arrest powers and are the counterparts to the full time Sheriff’s Deputies.  As you can see by the ‘Physical Fitness Standards’ portion of this package, they have made a commitment to go beyond most volunteer organizations by spending two nights a week and one day every other weekend in the Academy.