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“Enhancing the Quality of Life in Allen County”


THANK YOU for your interest in the Allen County Police Reserve Program!



This application package will guide you through the first steps in our process and hopefully answer some of your questions about the Reserves.



1)  Be at least 21 years of age when accepted into the Reserves

2)  A United States citizen

3)  Have a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

4)  NO DUI (DWI) in the past 3 years or not more than 2 in your lifetime.

5)  Honorable discharge from military service if applicable.

6)  NOT have been convicted of a felony.

7)  NOT have been convicted of a firearms/weapons violation.

8)  Provide proof of a physical from a physician within 90 days of acceptance.


You will need to complete each of the documents contained in this application package:



Application Worksheet

This lists the forms needed to process your request for consideration of inclusion into our program.  Before a final review can be done, all of the listed items MUST be available for review by our staff.


Reserve Application 

This form documents such items as your Personal History, Employment History, Military History & Status, etc.  Fill it out as completely as possible and  do not omit any information.  When you have completed it, don’t forget to sign and date it.


Physical Fitness Standards

This package details the five areas of physical fitness testing you will be required to achieve upon entrance to the Academy.  It also shows the final ‘Exit Standards’ you must meet in order to graduate.  These standards have been established by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) and are utilized by the Reserves.


Investigative Consent Form

This document is required by Federal Law (P.L. #91-505) and allows us to review your background as you enter the Reserve Program.  Please remember to include your Drivers License Number at the appropriate location.  If you have an e-mail address, please include that on the designated line.


While this is the last document in this package – it is the first document we need to begin processing your application.  Once you’ve completed it, you can FAX it to us at the number listed on the form or bring it out to the Training Center any Tuesday evening between the hours of 6PM and 9PM.  Even if you are still gathering the other required documents, this form allows us move ahead with your file.


NOTE: In addition to the documents and forms mentioned, you will also be required to pass a General Knowledge Test, a Personality Assessment Test and an Oral Interview with one of the Officers in Personnel.  Normally these tests can be taken on Tuesday nights starting at 6:30PM and all three can be completed in a single evening if you have approximately 90 minutes available.  All three do NOT have to be taken at the same time – however they must be completed before a Police Background Check is initiated.  Some scheduling time changes may be made in order to accommodate candidates who are unable to test on Tuesday evenings.  You should contact the Personnel Department at (260) 449-3315 and speak with a Recruiter for details.


The application process may take up to 10 weeks to complete depending upon availability of all the required documents and an individual’s ability to complete the tests in a timely manner.  The successful candidate will be notified by mail of their acceptance into the Reserve Program and be assigned to the Confinement Division to begin their training prior to the commencement of the next scheduled Reserve Academy.




Frequently Asked Questions 


Who makes up the Reserves in Allen County?The volunteers who make up the Reserves are men and women who donate their spare time to complimenting the mission of the Sheriff’s Department.  They each contribute a minimum of 225 hours per year (just under 4.5 hours each week) in order to maintain their good standing within the organization and fall into one of two categories.  The first is that of Group II Officers.


Initially, everyone who enters the reserve program comes in at this level.  Group II Officers have no arrest powers, are not armed and prior to attending the annual Academy (if they choose to do so) work at the Allen County Jail assisting the Officers there, one evening a week for approximately three hours.  Group II Officers also attend the Monthly Training Session on the third Monday of each month where they learn about a variety of law enforcement concerns ranging from Domestic Violence, Drug Detection and Enforcement thru Legal Updates from the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.  The Group IIs are a stand alone body and offer volunteers a position of responsibility in instances where the individual feels the full Academy is too much of a commitment for them.  We have a number of individuals who are fully dedicated Group II Officers.


The second category is Group I Officers.  These individuals have moved from their initial Group II status through Academy attendance and graduation into becoming fully commissioned Officers.  The perform their functions as ‘sworn’ and armed Officers with full arrest powers and are the counterparts to the full time Sheriff’s Deputies.  As you can see by the ‘Physical Fitness Standards’ portion of this package, they have made a commitment to go beyond most volunteer organizations by spending two nights a week and one day every other weekend in the Academy


for approximately six months.  Group I Officers work in various divisions from Traffic and Warrants to Civil and Confinement.  The Reserve Organization offers everyone a variety of challenges as they grow within the Law Enforcement field.


What do I have to do before I can arrest somebody?”  You must complete the ACSR Training Academy.  There is usually one academy class per year and it will last approximately four months.


“When can I start the Academy?”  Academy classes generally start around the end of

September or the first of October.  Prior to entering the Academy, you will have been required to

complete approximately 52 hours of training within the Confinement Division.  This time is made up of hours spent at “Lock Up” and on the “Cell Blocks” at the Allen County Jail working with Confinement Officers as well as a number of hours in the County Dispatch area.  These 52 hours are in addition to the one-night-per-week you’ll spent with the Group I Officers as part of your assigned Jail night duty.


“What will I be doing until the Academy starts?”  Everyone starts as a Group II probationary officer and will be working at the jail learning the procedures of the Confinement Division as well as assisting the Facility/Logistics duties at the Training Center.  All Group II officers fulfill these basic duties prior to entering the Academy.


“What is the difference between a Group I officer and a Group II officer?”  A Group I officer has completed the academy, is fully qualified, has been sworn in by the Sheriff, and has arrest authority 24/7/365.  A Group II officer is generally brand new, has not yet completed the training academy, and has absolutely no arrest powers.


A successful candidate must possess a drive and dedication to achieve the goal of becoming a commissioned Allen County Police Reserve Officer.  The transition from Group II officer to a commissioned Group I Officer is not an easy task.  It requires determination on the part of the individual and support from his/her family.  You’re taking the first step by applying to the program.  We will assist you in every way to achieve this challenging and rewarding goal.


If you have further questions, you can reach us at (260) 449-3315 or by email at

we look forward to working with you!

ACPDR Recruiting Team